Definition of a Credit Hour (Procedure 4.0302)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1004.68; 1007.25
Date Adopted:10/2012
Date of Revision:12/18
Related Policies:4.120


To provide the definition of a credit hour and the method used to calculate and monitor its use and corresponding measure of student achievement.


Credit Hour - A measure representing the amount of work required to achieve student learning outcomes for a specific course.

Carnegie Unit - For a traditional format course, one (1) Carnegie Unit is equal to fifty (50) minutes inside the classroom.


  1. The Office of Course and Curriculum will work with Deans and Associate Vice Presidents (AVPs) to determine the number of credit hours a student may earn for each course.
  2. For purposes of calculation and monitoring, credit hours will be measured as Carnegie units.
    1. Traditional lecture discussion courses must be scheduled to meet Carnegie units.
      1. 1 Credit Hour (50 minute Carnegie Unit) x 15 Clock Hours = 750 minutes in Classroom
      2. 2 Credit Hours (50 minute Carnegie Unit) x 30 Clock Hours = 1,500 minutes in Classroom
      3. 3 Credit Hours (50 minute Carnegie Unit) x 45 Clock Hours = 2,250 minutes in Classroom
      4. 4 Credit Hours (50 minute Carnegie Unit) x 60 Clock Hours = 3,000 minutes in Classroom
  3. Courses offered in alternative formats such as hybrid, online, independent study, cooperative education, internship and practicum must be identified as such in the schedule of classes, must meet the same student learning outcomes as the traditional format course and must be scheduled to provide adequate time to achieve student learning outcomes.
  4. The Deans are responsible for ensuring that courses scheduled by their departments comply with Carnegie Units.
  5. The Office of Course and Curriculum will generate a report each term prior to student registration identifying any courses not meeting the required amount of Carnegie Units. The report will be shared with the Deans and the Academic Leadership Team.
  6. If a course is identified as not meeting the required number of units, the Office of Course and Curriculum will:
    1. Immediately place any identified courses in “stop further enrollment” status to disallow any student registration in the course until a correction is made; and
    2. Notify the academic department that action to correct the course is needed. Student registration for the course will not be allowed until a correction is made to comply with Carnegie Units.
Recommended by:Executive Staff/CACDate:12/4/2018
Approved:President, Dr. Georgia LorenzDate:12/7/2018