Grade Change (Procedure 4.0301)


1001.64 F.S., FAC 6A-14.0262

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To provide a process for faculty to accurately report a change of grade after grades have been certified to the Office of Enrollment Services. This procedure is applicable to all careers including, but not limited to the following: College Credit, Vocational, Adult Education, Baccalaureate, Community and Continuing Education (as appropriate), Institutional Credit and Adult High School.


  1. Grade changes are submitted electronically by the faculty member through the faculty member’s MySeminoleStateaccount portal.
    1. An email notification will be sent to the appropriate Academic Dean for any submitted grade change (to be implemented as soon as practicable).
    2. If faculty access is no longer available to a faculty member through the faculty member’s MySeminoleState account portal, the appropriate Dean may submit a grade change by submitting the grade change form to the Office of Enrollment Services with the appropriate signatures.
  1. Unless the student has received a degree, certification, or diploma, the professor may go back one prior calendar year from the end of the term in which the initial grade was posted to change a grade. 
  2. Grade changes extending beyond the one-year period must be done by the written permission of the Vice President of Academic Affairs and can only be completed if the degree, certification, or diploma has not been awarded.
  3. Once the grade roster validation (Reporting of a W4) deadline and/or the deadline for submission of a W2 grade have passed, professors cannot assign or change a grade to a “W”.
  4. Professors may use the electronic grade change system to remove a W4 grade within 5 business days after the Grade Roster Validation (Reporting of aW4) deadline.
  5. Professors teaching Adult High School or Adult Education courses may submit paper grade change form to assign W2s after published deadlines. The electronic grade change cannot be used in this scenario. This does not apply to any other career.
  6. The electronic grade change system cannot be used to change an NG grade to a W2, W4 or I grade.
  7. The electronic grade change system cannot be used to change a W2/W4 grade to a letter grade. 
  8. A grade of "I" (Incomplete) will automatically be changed to a grade of "F" thirty (30) calendar days after the first day of classes of the next semester.
    1. Professors may change the "F" to the correct grade within the one calendar year deadline, unless the student has received a degree, certification, or diploma.  
    2. The Vice President of Academic Affairs may approve exceptions in cases where a grade change is needed for a “lapsed grade” (a final grade of “F” that resulted from an “I” grade) after the degree has been awarded and/or the one-year deadline for submission of the grade change has passed, when the student needs the class/grade to satisfy transfer requirements for an upper degree. 
  9. Professors should ensure the electronic grade change updated the student's grade correctly. If the change was not processed after 24 hours, they should notify Enrollment Services.
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       Dr. Georgia Lorenz