Program Review - Instructional Programs - Procedure 4.0200

 Authority:         F.S. 240.147; 001.03 (13); FAC 6A-14.020    
Date Adopted:04/01
Date of Review:-----
Date of Revision:05/02; 12/09
Related Policy:-----


The Annual Program Review Process supports ongoing assessments and improvements for all degree programs and academic units at Seminole State. Responsibility and accountability for all degrees, certificates, courses, and academic support programs at the College are assigned to academic Associate Vice Presidents, Deans, Academic Program Managers, and Academic Program Directors. An analysis of program data and reviews will provide information that may be used to:

  1. update and revalidate courses and programs,
  2. examine the extent to which courses and programs have been successful in meeting the needs of students and the community,
  3. inform strategic and operational planning
  4. identify strategies for program improvement and growth, and
  5. meet local, state and national accountability and accreditation requirements,


  1. All academic programs and academic units will be reviewed on an annual basis.
  2. Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness and Research will work together to schedule Annual Program Reviews during Fall term. The meeting may include the Associate Vice President, Dean, Program Manager, program faculty/staff, and Career Program Advisors when applicable.
  3. Institutional Effectiveness and Research facilitates the collection of five years of results from various degree-level and course-level indicators. Data includes enrollments, average class sizes, re-enrollment rates, course completion rates, program completions, placement rates, time to degree, and student perception of instruction results, among others. Data is furnished ahead of each scheduled meeting.
  4. During the Annual Program Review meeting each academic manager records observations on trends and results, noting improvement plans underway or to consider in upcoming planning and budgeting activities.
  5. Academic Leadership Team will debrief on findings from the Annual Program Review meetings to inform upcoming planning and budgeting activities.
  6. Results of the Annual Program review will be incorporated into unit annual planning, budgeting, and approval process.  


Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate09/18/2018
Signed by:President Georgia LorenzDate09/26/2018