Emergency Response Team (Procedure 1.2000)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statutes: F.S. 1001.64; F.A.C. 6A- 14.0261; College Policy 6.030
Effective Date: 5/02; 10/2013; 01/2014; 03/2015
Date of Review: 05/09; 08/11; 03/12; 08/2013; 12/2013; 12/2014


The purpose of this procedure is to define membership and responsibilities of the Emergency Response Team (ERT).


  1. Members of the ERT shall include the following:
    1. Associate Dean, Center for Public Safety
    2. Associate Vice President, Business Services
    3. Associate Vice President, Human Resources
    4. Campus Dean, Altamonte Springs Campus
    5. Campus Dean, Oviedo Campus
    6. Coordinator, Environmental Health and Safety
    7. Dean, School of Academic Foundations
    8. Director, Campus Safety and Security
    9. Director, Communications and Media Relations
    10. Director, Facilities
    11. Executive Vice President/CFO
    12. Facilities Manager, Heathrow Center
    13. Facility Plant Manager, Oviedo
    14. Facility Plant Manager, Sanford/Lake Mary
    15. General Counsel
    16. Vice President, Academic Affairs
    17. Vice President, Information Technology and Institutional Resources/CIO (chair)
    18. Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Communications
    19. Vice President, Student Affairs/CSAO
  2. The  ERT will function as the decision-making team for crisis events on  college grounds.
    1. The ERT will prepare a written Emergency Response Plan (“Plan”) that will be reviewed annually and updated as needed.
    2. The ERT will recommend procedures to implement the Plan including, but not limited to, the College’s emergency response, recovery, mitigation, risk reduction, prevention, and preparedness.
    3. The ERT Chair and the Director, Campus Safety and Security will serve as the College’s liaisons to the Seminole County Office of Emergency Management in order to facilitate consistency and coordination between the College’s Plan and that of Seminole County.
  3. ERT recommendations will be made through the Executive Team.
Recommended by Executive Team Date 03/2015
Approved: President, E. Ann McGee Date 03/2015

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