Planning and Budget Process (Procedure 1.0901)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64
Date Adopted:02/92
Date of Revision(s):6/97; 4/02; 2/07; 5/11; 03/2013; 9/2014; 06/2015; 11/2015; 5/2020 (formerly 1.0900.3)
Related Policy:1.020


The purpose of this procedure is to define and establish the process for annual institutional planning and budgeting that integrates planning and budgeting activities, aligns planning and budgeting with strategic plans and priorities, promotes transparency, and engages the college community in planning and budgeting decisions and priorities.  


  1. In order to accomplish this procedure the college will:
    1. Develop and disseminate a college-wide planning and budgeting calendar that will allow all employees of the college to meet necessary deadlines to ensure a timely and effective process.
    2. Develop recommendations based upon the College's strategic plan for the overall annual operating budget's guiding principles.
    3. Develop and disseminate planning, budgeting, evaluation resource materials, and define processes for submitting annual plans and budget requests.
    4. Support the timely and continuous use of planning and budgeting tools and procedures such that all unit objectives, action plans, and resources are recorded and assessed.
    5. Review prior year’s planning and budgeting process to help inform future planning and budgeting cycles.
    6. Align planning and budgeting activities with the College's strategic plan.
    7. Review annual plans and produce an annual report of institutional results tied to the College’s strategic goals.
    8. Share budget drafts through a series of collegewide employee forums to inform and engage employees in budget decisions and priorities before plans and budgets are completed.
    9. Share budget drafts with Trustees to inform and engage Trustees in budget decisions and priorities before plans and budgets are completed.
    10. Establish subcommittees or taskforces as needed to complete planning and budgeting activities and decisions.
    11. Forward a balanced and complete budget to Trustees for approval before the start of a fiscal year.
  1. The areas of Finance and Budget/Business Services and Institutional Effectiveness and Research will support Executive Team, Trustees, and other subcommittees in activities to draft, review, and complete plans and budgets.
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate5/12/2020
Signed by:President, Georgia L. LorenzDate5/13/2020