College Advisory Council (Procedure 1.0900.2)

Authority: 1001.64; 1001.65
Date Adopted: 09/2018
Date of Review: 
Related Policies:               1.020                 


The purpose of the Council is to foster collaboration across all areas of the College, promoting shared governance and joint problem solving for issues facing the College. The Council helps facilitate communication to and from all areas of the College and oversees the review and revision of College policies and procedures.


  1. Constituent groups: recognized representatives of internal stakeholders.
  2. Policy or procedure sponsor: designated representative of initiating office or constituent group.


  1. Responsibilities:
    1. Exchange updates from constituent groups.
    2. Review policies and procedures for possible revision before posting for public comment.
    3. Meet with policy or procedure sponsors to discuss new policies and procedures and changes to existing policies and procedures throughout the policy and procedure approval process.
  2. Membership of the Council shall consist of the following:
    1. College President
    2. Members of the Executive Team
    3. A Student Government Association Officer
    4. Chair, Professional Employee Council
    5. Chair, Career Service Employee Council
    6. President, Faculty Senate
  3. The College President shall chair the Council, or a designee in the President’s absence.
  4. The Council normally will meet the Tuesday following each District Board of Trustees meeting.  The Council shall post agendas and meeting summaries regarding all meetings to the College website. 
Recommended by

Executive Team/CAC



Signed by

 President Georgia Lorenz