Supplemental Teaching Contracts (Procedure 1.0410)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.61 F.S; 6A-14.261 FAC; SCC Rule 1.0208/21/91


During the instructional period not covered by the ten month contract for college credit faculty, the college may award supplemental contracts to such faculty. The practice benefits the faculty and provides for necessary continuity and quality in educational programs of the college. This procedure defines the selection and approval process for awarding supplemental contracts.


  1. During Term III-B each year the college may award a supplemental teaching contract to up to 50% of the ten month teaching faculty employed during the current college year, and who are not on special assignment for Term III-B.
  2. The method of choosing faculty to be recommended for these teaching contracts will follow these criteria:

    1. the particular curricular needs of a department or division (e.g., meet student demand, offer required courses),
    2. the availability of a teaching load, and
    3. a fair and equitable distribution of contracts, as defined by the selection process developed by each instructional unit.
  3. On the first duty day in October the Executive Vice President will request each instructional dean to submit a list of faculty who are recommended to receive a supplemental contract.
  4. The dean will review the approved selection process for each instructional unit and, following consultation with the chair or director, may recommend changes to the vice president.
  5. By the first duty day in November the vice president will receive from each dean a list of ten month teaching faculty who are being recommended for a supplemental teaching contract for Term III-B.
  6. Upon receiving the list from each dean, the vice president, in consultation with the Deans Council, will recommend faculty for supplemental contracts. The vice president will notify each faculty member, in writing, no later than the last duty day in December of the conditions of the contract and will copy the correspondence to the appropriate dean.
  7. The vice president will submit the list of faculty to the dean of personnel services for inclusion on the agenda of the District Board of Trustees regularly scheduled meeting in June.
  8. A faculty member may decline, in writing to the chair or director, a recommended supplemental contract. The correspondence will be signed by the dean and forwarded to the vice president. The supplemental contract may be offered to another faculty member in the instructional unit in accordance with the selection process developed by the unit.
  9. The vice president will notify the Dean of Personnel Services of each change to the list.
  10. The Dean of Personnel Services will present the list of recommendations to the District Board of Trustees for their approval at their regularly scheduled meeting in June.
  11. Within five duty days after the June Board meeting, the Personnel Office will provide the Executive Vice President with all salary and fringe costs for each faculty member approved by the Board. The figures will be based on current year salary rates.
Recommended byPresidents Council:Date6/18/91
Approved:President, Earl S. WeldonDate7/09/91