Public Comment at Board Meetings (Procedure 1.0150)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statutes:F.S. Chapter 120; 286.0114; 286.011; 1001.64; College Policy 1.015
Effective Date:06/2014
Date of Review:---


This procedure describes the process to be followed to provide members of the public with a reasonable opportunity to be heard on a proposition before the Board prior to the Board taking action on the proposition.


  1. The opportunity to be heard at a meeting of the District Board of Trustees is subject to Board rules, policies, and procedures including requirements regarding orderly conduct and proper decorum in a public meeting.
  2. Any person or group who wants to publicly comment on an Agenda item during a regular monthly meeting of the Seminole State College District Board of Trustees is required to:
    1. Obtain a “Public Comment Card”, available in the Office of the President prior to the Board meeting, or at the sign-in desk at the Board meeting. Complete the card including name, address, telephone number and Agenda item. Supply the Agenda item number when possible. If written materials are to be distributed, a copy of such must accompany the request.
    2. Submit the completed card and related materials to the Board Assistant. In most cases, cards will be collected a few minutes prior to the beginning of the Board meeting.
    3. When recognized by the Board Chair, approach the audience podium and state your name and address for the record. The opportunity to be heard may or may not occur at the same meeting at which the Board takes action, as long as the opportunity occurs at a meeting during the decision-making process and is within reasonable proximity in time before the Board takes official action.
    4. Comments are limited to three (3) minutes for an individual and five (5) minutes for a group.
  3. Any person or group wishing to comment on an item that is not on the Agenda must make a request to the Board three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting to make arrangements for completing a Public Comment Card and submitting related materials. This request can be made by contacting the Office of the President at Seminole State College in person or by telephone or email. Follow steps 1-4 above.
  4. All documents submitted to the Board of Trustees are retained as part of the Public Record of the meeting.
  5. The College will provide a reasonable accommodation to an individual with a disability who wishes to make a public comment at a Board meeting.
Recommended byExecutive TeamDate06/17/2014
ApprovedPresident, E. Ann McGeeDate07/09/2014