Rulemaking (Procedure 1.0100)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64; 120.54 F. S; FAC 6A-14.0247, 6A-14.0261 May 12, 1999


To provide a procedure whereby changes to the policies of Seminole State College are made in accordance with statutory directives.


The amendment, adoption or repeal of any policy of the College is rulemaking activity and is subject to the requirements of Florida statutes for publication of legal notices and approval by the Board of Trustees

  1. Proposals to change current policy or to adopt new policies may be initiated by any department. Proposals shall be reviewed by the Vice President over that department, who shall present any proposed policy to Executive Staff for review and approval.
  2. Upon approval of a proposed policy by Executive Staff, the Vice President who initiated the proposed policy shall prepare an agenda transmittal sheet requesting permission from the Board of Trustees to advertise the proposed policy.
  3. Once the Board of Trustees has approved advertisement of a proposed policy, the Vice President who initiated the proposed policy shall be responsible for transmitting it to the Office of Risk Management within 24 hours of approval, for the preparation of legal notices.
  4. The Office of Risk Management shall be responsible for the preparation of the legal notices required to advertise proposed policies in compliance with the Administrative Procedures Act and the Uniform Rules of Procedure.
  5. The Office of Risk Management is responsible for transmitting legal notices to the Office of Community Relations for publication. The Office of Community Relations shall provide for the publication of legal notices in a newspaper of general circulation and in the campus Positions/Legal Notices Supplement.
  6. The Vice President, Administrative and Business Services shall be responsible for preparing an agenda transmittal sheet to request final approval of proposed policies by the Board of Trustees.
Recommended by Executive Staff Date 5/12/99
Approved: President, E.Ann McGee Date 5/12/99

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