Issuance and Use of Pagers and Cellular Communication Devices (Procedure 5.3000)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statute:Effective Date:
1001.64 F.S., 6A-14.0262; FAC; SCC Policy 1.0202/04; Rev.9/07

The purpose of this procedure is to describe and define the methods of providing and compensating employees for communication devices necessary to effectively perform their assigned duties.

  1. Issuance of College-owned Pagers/Radios and Cellular Devices
    1. The College may maintain a bank of Cellular Devices for business use by college employees as required and approved by the appropriate supervisor. Each department will be charged for the use of any device issued to the department or the employee within that department. Employees will be required to sign out a device using the appropriate property forms. Upon receipt of the device, the employee will attest upon the delivery receipt that the device will be for College-related use only. Personal use of a College-owned device is prohibited.
    2. Issuing pagers or radios to college employees requires the approval of the employee's supervisor. The employee must be occupying a position deemed by the Office of Human Resources to require issuance of such device. Each department that utilizes pager or radio services will be charged for the equipment and service.
  2. Communication Devices Requirement
    1. Certain positions within the College are required to own and use a Cellular device in order to effectively perform their assigned duties. These positions must be recommended by the supervisor and approved by the Office of Human Resources and the President.
    2. Each employee in a designated position requiring a personal cellular device must:
      1. Disclose their cellular phone number to their supervisor and to the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources will disseminate these cell phone numbers to appropriate persons at the College on a need-to-know basis derived from the job description.
      2. Acquire, maintain and provide uninterrupted services for the appropriate cellular device necessary for the performance of their assigned duties.
      3. Answer or return college business-related calls in a timely manner.
  3. Termination of Employment with the College
    1. As part of the termination checkout process for the College, all issued equipment must be returned to the issuing department before the employee's final check from the College can be released. An employee must reimburse the College for any college-owned device not returned prior to the last day of work.
  4. Violations and Enforcement
    1. Employees who violate or abuse this procedure may be denied access to these resources and may be subject to other penalties and disciplinary action, both within and outside the College, including dismissal from employment.

  5. Recommended byExecutive StaffDate9/07
    Approved:President, E.Ann McGeeDate10/16/07