Library Charges (Procedure 5.0470)

Authority: F.S. 1009.23; FAC 6A-14.054
Date Adopted: 05/2018
Date of Revision: 03/2018
Related Policy: 5.040


To outline the process for determining charges for overdue, lost, or damaged library materials.


  1. Overdue Materials: Materials that have been returned after a specific due date/time.
  2. Lost Materials: Materials that are considered lost when they are overdue for more than 31 days and are not returned.
  3. Damaged Materials: Materials are those that have been returned but are no longer usable by other library patrons.


  1. The schedule of charges for overdue, lost, or damaged library materials shall be evaluated at least annually by library staff, and any recommended changes presented to the Director of College Libraries.
  2. Recommendations for amending the fee schedule will be submitted by the Director of College Libraries to the Office of Finance and Budget for review and acceptance.
  3. After acceptance by the Office of Finance and Budget, the proposed changes in fees will be presented to the College Library Committee for input and acceptance.
  4. Recommended changes will come from the Library Committee per applicable procedures.
  5. The President shall recommend changes to the Board of Trustees for formal approval.
  6. The schedule of charges, differentiated by the type of material, shall be maintained on the library’s website.
Recommended by: Executive Team/CAC Date: 04/17/2018
Signed by: President E. Ann McGee Date: 06/4/2018