Facilities Use by Outside Entities (Procedure 6.0100)

Based on Board Policy and Florida Statutes:F.S. 1001.64; 1004.65; College Policy 6.010
Effective Date:08/01/1999; 03/2014
Date of Review:05/09; 08/11; 02/2014; 08/23


To establish procedures for the scheduling and use of College facilities by outside entities.


  1. General Conditions
    1. Facilities are designed and reserved for supporting the mission of the College. Use of facilities for classes shall have priority over all other uses.
    2. Use of College facilities by outside entities:
      1. must be pursuant to law, College policy, and the terms of an approved facility use agreement;
      2. must be consistent with the mission of the College;
      3. will be scheduled according to the College’s scheduling priorities and guidelines;
      4. must be approved in advance by the Executive Director of the Foundation for Seminole State College or designee when facility use is intended for fund-raising of any kind. The site designee managing the facility use agreement will submit a written/email request to the Executive Director of the Foundation and ensure approval is received before use of College facilities for fund-raising by outside entities is approved.
  2. Definitions
    1. Facilities – All College-owned buildings, grounds, property, physical structures, equipment, and other assets.
    2. Outside Entity/User – Any person, group, organization, board, club, council, association, partnership, business, corporation, etc. not wholly operated within the College, or any employee group engaged in activity outside the scope of conducting College business or official position responsibility.
    3. Classroom - An instructional space normally used for academic programs.
    4. Event/Activity – Any use of facilities or services.
    5. College-Sponsored Event/Activity – An event/activity, exclusively serving the mission of the College, organized and conducted by the College with the support of other individuals, groups, agencies and/or organizations to varying degrees.
    6. College Co-Sponsored Event/Activity - An event/activity organized and conducted by an individual, group, agency and/or organization with College support, such as:
      1. A non-student event/activity which has been determined to be of direct benefit to the College, and in which a faculty or staff member is a primary contact for the event and that has been approved by the President, Executive Vice President, or vice president of the sponsoring department.
      2. Open recreational time for faculty/staff, students and/or the general public when approved by the President, Executive Vice President, or appropriate vice president and directly supervised by a faculty/staff member.
    7. Non-College Event/Activity – Events/activities held by outside organizations on College facilities that are not sponsored or co-sponsored by the College. 
    8. Normal working hours – The normal operating hours the specific facility’s administrative offices remain open.
    9. Site Designee(s) - College employee who is authorized to approve use of College facilities at a designated site when the standard facility use agreement form, rates per College procedure, and all other routine conditions, such as insurance thresholds, are met. Otherwise, the President or designee must approve facility use.
    10. Non-Profit Entity – Organization approved under section 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Non-Profit Entities are commonly referred to as charitable organizations and social welfare organizations.
  3. Fees
    1. The College establishes fees for facility use as per the Facility Use Fee Schedule. The President or designee is authorized to waive or reduce fees as appropriate. In the event a fee waiver or modification is granted, a statement of justification will be filed with the approved application.
      1. Facility use fees do not apply to College and College-Sponsored events/activities.
      2. Facility use fees may apply to College Co-Sponsored events/activities.
      3. Facility use fees do apply to non-College events/activities.
    2. Generally, fees will not be waived for outside entities charging any fee for participation for the event or activity.
    3. Organizations will be charged for facility use in accordance with the fee schedule, as approved by the College, and provided on the College’s Auxiliary Services Outside Organizations Facilities Request web page. The fee schedule is subject to change.
    4. Any fees not listed in the fee schedule must be approved by the President or designee.
    5. A security and/or damage deposit may be required, as part of the application process.
    6. Fees are due at the time the requester signs the facility use agreement, unless the agreement specifies otherwise.
    7. Any User wishing to cancel an approved facility use agreement must notify the College in writing as specified in the agreement and any refunds will be subject to the terms of the agreement. The College has the right to retain any and all deposits in the event of non-compliance.
    8. Non-profit organizations, using College facilities, may be required to provide documentation of their current 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 status.
    9. Sales and use tax will be charged unless a valid State of Florida exemption certificate is provided to the College prior to invoicing.
    10. The College reserves the right to charge for costs incurred for equipment and services, such as security, room setup/breakdown, site supervision, media services, and custodial.
  4. Scheduling Information
    1. Requests shall be acted upon in the order in which each request is received by the appropriate College office.
    2. Requests for classroom space, for anything other than College classes, are generally not approved prior to the last day of drop/add for the term in which the classroom is being requested.
  5. Delegation of Authority
    1. The President or designee may authorize site designees to authorize use of College facilities for designated sites when the standard facility use agreement form, rates per College procedure, and all other routine conditions, such as insurance thresholds, are met. Otherwise, the President or designee must approve facility use.
  6. Insurance
    1. Liability and other insurance coverage may be waived at the discretion of the President or designee.
  7. Process
    1. Operational guidelines, fee schedules, and forms, etc. are available on the College’s Auxiliary Services Outside Organizations Facilities Request Web page.

Recommended byExecutive Team/CACDate08/22/2023
Approved:President, Georgia L. LorenzDate08/29/2023