Retiree Dental, Health, and Vision Insurance - Policy 2.470

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; FAC 6A-14.0261
Date Adopted:3/97; Rev. 12/04; 10/2013
Date of Review:05/09; 08/11; 10/2013


  1. Persons retiring in:
    1. the Florida Retirement System, or
    2. the State Community College System Optional Retirement Program (SCCORP), provided they have at least an aggregate of ten years of full-time service in the Florida Retirement System, the SCCORP, or the State University System Optional Retirement Program, may continue their coverage in the College's group dental, health, and vision insurance plans and may remain in these plans for life at the person's expense.
  2. Persons who have previously retired from another public entity, in any of the retirement plans indicated above, are not eligible to continue their insurance coverage.
  3. Coverage may also be continued for eligible dependents of retirees, provided they continue to meet the definition of eligible dependents.
  4. The President shall cause a procedure to be developed to implement this policy.