Instructor Absence (Policy 2.330P)


Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1012.855FAC 6A-14.042
Date Adopted:07/82 Revised 07/92

The College shall make every effort to ensure that student's educational experiences have minimal disruptions. However, when instructor absences occur, the following procedures shall be observed.

  1. If an instructor will be unavoidably late or absent from class(es) because of an emergency or an illness, the instructor, at the earliest possible moment, shall notify his department chairman and suggest emergency methods of handling the classes to be missed.

  2. If an instructor's absence from class is anticipated at least one day in advance, the instructor shall coordinate the planning of missed classes with his department chairman. Appropriate activities which may take place include the following.

    1. Class coverage by a full-time instructor in the same or related discipline.

    2. Appropriate planned activities which will continue the learning experience of the students