Staff Employment Procedures (Policy 2.250P)


Authority:F.S. 1012.855
Date Adopted:07/82 Revised 07/92

The following procedure shall pertain to all applicants for full-time positions in all staff areas.

  1. Employees shall be notified through the College  Bulletin of vacancies in established positions as soon as those vacancies are known to exist and of newly established positions as soon as those positions are created by the administration.

  2. Any employee currently employed by the College may apply for the vacant or newly created position without prejudicing current employment status with the College.

  3. Before the position is filled, the appropriate administrators shall interview, check references, and test when appropriate.

  4. The administrator who is involved in the selection of a candidate may consider recommendations from the faculty and staff who have met the persons being considered.

  5. The final recommendation to the Board of Trustees is the responsibility of the President.