Compensation Administration for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees (Policy 2.130)

 This Policy is Under Review

Authority:F.S. 1001.64
Date Adopted:7/82 Rev. 7/92; 12/04; 06/2014
Date of Review:05/09; 08/11; 03/12; 03/14


Compensation schedule: A list of jobs in active status including the job title, pay grade classification, and pay range for each job.


The President shall make revisions to compensation schedules as necessary to maintain equity in the administration of the compensation program for the College.

  1. Compensation Guidelines
    The College’s pay plans, policies, and procedures shall support the College’s values, mission, goals, and objectives by:
    1. Providing equitable and competitive base compensation for all employees.
    2. Ensuring that employees are paid a fair living wage that exceeds published Federal Poverty Guidelines.
    3. Specifying the types of work and conditions under which additional or supplemental payment will be made.
    4. Describing the documentation and payment authorization required for employees compensated through grant funds.
    5. Defining creditable experience and education and the process for requesting related compensation adjustments.
    6. Communicating compensation administration practices to College employees.
  2. Presidential Authority
    1. The President is authorized to assign employees to any classification, pay grade, position or compensation within the compensation schedule.
    2. The President is authorized to pay employees supplementary compensation for additional work performed.
    3. The President is authorized to pay employees in lieu of notice based upon justification and appropriate recommendations.
  3. Proposed Compensation Adjustments
    Compensation adjustments will be determined as part of the planning and budgeting process. The President will recommend compensation adjustments to the Board of Trustees for approval and will subsequently notify employees of the Board’s decision.
  4. Pay-for-Performance
    If compensation adjustments are made, they will be dependent upon employee performance.  Those employees with an overall appraisal score lower than 1.6 “below expectations” will not be eligible for a compensation adjustment.
  5. The President shall cause procedures to be developed to implement this policy.