Terminal Pay for Sick Leave (Policy 2.120)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1012.865;
Date Adopted:7/82, Rev. 7/92, 5/99, 12/04, 05/09


  1. Definitions

    1. Accumulated Sick Leave Balance - The balance of sick leave which results after accounting for all sick leave earned and used.
    2. Adjusted Base Annual Salary -The annual base salary plus base salary adjustments (e.g. shift differential). Salary supplements, such as department chair supplements and performance supplements, are excluded from the adjusted base annual salary.
    3. Adjusted Base Daily Salary -The adjusted base annual salary divided by 260 days for twelve-month personnel and by the contract length for instructional personnel issued contracts which are less than 12 months in length (e.g. 164-day, 164B-day use 196 days, 196-day, 228 day)
    4. Adjusted Hourly Rate of Pay -The adjusted base daily salary divided by 7.5 hours.
    5. Educational Support Employee - Any person employed as an education or administrative paraprofessional; a member of the operations, maintenance, or comparable department; or a secretary, clerical, or comparable level support employee.
    6. Instructional Staff - Any person employed as a faculty member, librarian, counselor, and other comparable member engaged in an instructional capacity.
    7. Sick Leave - Recorded in hours to the nearest quarter hour.
  2. Terminal sick leave pay will be paid to a full-time employee if service terminates after ten years of full-time service at the College or to the estate of the employee if service terminates by death. This benefit shall be subject to and limited to the following conditions.

    1. Administrators (Non Educational Support and Non Instructional Staff) Employed on or after July 1, 1995 -Terminal sick pay for full-time employees who were employed on or after July 1, 1995, and who are in positions other than those defined as educational support positions and instructional staff positions, shall not exceed the amount as calculated in the following:
    2. Terminal pay for sick leave shall be determined by multiplying the number of hours in the accumulated sick leave balance on or after July 1, 1995, to a maximum of 1,800 hours, by twenty-five percent and then multiplying the resulting product by the adjusted daily rate of pay at termination. (This calculation results in the maximum amount of payment, in accordance with law, being limited to 60 days of actual payment.)
    3. Terminal pay for unused sick leave accumulated prior to July 1, 1995, shall be made pursuant to the Board policy in effect on July 1, 1995 the exact intent of which is reflected in 3.a. through 3.d below.
  3. Administrators employed prior to July 1, 1995, Educational Support Employees, and Instructional Staff:

    1. Terminal pay for sick leave shall be determined by multiplying the adjusted base hourly rate of pay at termination by fifty percent times the number of hours in the accumulated sick leave balance.
    2. This benefit shall be based on the record of sick leave hours earned at the College and hours transferred and accepted by the College minus the hours used while employed at the College.
    3. If a full-time employee terminates service for the purpose of accepting employment with another public entity in Florida, sick leave may be transferred to the employing entity rather than being used as terminal pay. The transferring of sick leave to another entity must be requested by the employee and be acceptable to the employing entity.
    4. If an employee receives terminal pay benefits based on unused sick leave credit, all unused sick leave credit shall become invalid; however, if an employee terminates employment without receiving terminal pay benefits and is re-employed, sick leave credit shall be reinstated.