Leaves of Absence (Policy 2.110)


Authority:F.S. 1012.865
Date Adopted:7/82; Rev. 7/92, 1/94
  1. Authorization

    Employee absences must be duly authorized by the appropriate supervisor and subsequently reported and recorded as required in the College Procedures Manual. An employee whose absence does not meet this criteria or an employee who fails to return to the assigned work - place in a timely fashion will forfeit compensation for the time away from duty and may be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.

  2. The Board authorizes and directs the President to develop guidelines, forms, and procedures in accordance with applicable laws and rules governing leave. The following specific types of leave shall be available to College employees and fully explained in the College Procedures Manual:

    1. Sick Leave - Covers employee (and family) sickness and emergencies. (Refer to Statute 240.343 F.S.)

    2. Illness-in-line-of-Duty - Covers employee's absent due to illness or injury contracted due to performance of duty. (Refer to 6A-14.0436)

    3. Personal Leave - Four (4) days a year with pay (non-cumulative) and for periods in excess of four (4) days a year without pay as approved by the President or designee. (Refer to F.S. 240.343 (1)(c) and 6A-14.0433 FAC)

    4. Court-related Leave - Covers jury duty or when subpoenaed as a witness. (Refer to 6A-14.0427 FAC)

    5. Vacation Leave - For twelve-month (12) personnel. (Refer to 6A-14.0431 FAC)

    6. Professional and Sabbatical Leave - With or without pay for personal professional benefit or advancement. (Refer to 6A-14.043 FAC)

    7. Military Leave - For mandatory military, National Guard, and reserve duty. (Refer to 6A-14.0432 FAC)

    8. Maternity Leave - Employees may make use of accumulative sick and vacation leave with pay and personal leave without pay. (Refer to 6A-14.0437 FAC)

    9. Administrative Leave - For faculty who are temporarily serving in an administrative position. While serving in an administrative capacity an individual may be granted administrative leave from an instructional position. Such leave may be granted on an annual basis. A faculty member shall not lose continuing contract status by being placed on administrative leave. [Refer to 6A-14.0411 (8).]

    10. Temporary Duty - A temporary assignment of duty outside the community college district. (Refer to 6A-14.044 FAC)

    11. Family and Medical Leave - Covers eligible employees for family and medical leave. (Refer to CFR section 825)