Probationary Employment (Policy 2.025)

Authority:        F.S. 1001.64
Date Adopted:     05/97                 
Date of Review:     -----
Date of Revision:     12/04
Related Procedure:     2.1600


  1. All career service employees will be appointed contingent to satisfactory completion of a ninety-day probationary period.
  2. Probationary periods apply to career service employees who are new employees, reassigned employees and reclassified employees.
  3. The President, for appropriate cause as documented by the supervisor, may place any career service employee on probationary status. Failure of an employee to perform satisfactorily during a probationary period may lead to termination.
  4. The President shall cause a procedure to be developed to implement this policy.


It is the policy of the Board that the President or designee establishes criteria for employment of all College
Authority:F.S. 1001.64
Date Adopted:5/97; Rev. 12/04