Personnel Contracts (Policy 2.010)

Authority: F.S. 1012.83 FAC 6A-14.040; .041; .0411; .0412; .002
 Date Adopted: 07/82 Revised 07/92


  1. Full-time administrative and instructional personnel, as defined in  6A-14.002 FAC, shall sign a contract with the College as a condition of initial employment or continuing employment. Personnel contracts shall comply with the provisions of 6A-14.041 FAC.
  2. Persons employed through project funding shall be employed on an annual contract basis. Persons holding a continuing contract who move to a position supported by project funding will be issued an annual contract in accordance with provisions of 6A-14.0412 FAC.
  3. Continuing contracts shall be awarded to instructional personnel in accordance with 6A-14.0411 FAC.
  4. The resignation of an employee during any contract period shall be submitted to the Board for action. Such resignation must have the approval of the President. The resignation is not final until approved by the Board. Failure to perform assigned duties could be considered absence without leave.
  5. The contract period for 10-month personnel is 200 days or two and one-half (2.5) terms or semesters. The contract period for 12-month personnel is 261 days or twelve (12) months.
  6. The regular work-week for full-time personnel is 37.5 hours and the regular work-day is 7.5 hours. The President or designee will establish procedures for flexible scheduling of employee work time and for the awarding of compensatory time in compliance with federal guidelines.

As part of the regular work week and hours, faculty may spend up to five hours a week off campus meeting professional commitments and will be available to students a minimum of twenty-five hours a week through a combination of class and office hours. Part-time faculty are required to schedule time outside of the classroom to be available to students.