Copyright Law Compliance (Policy 7.120)

Authority: F.S. 1001.64; US Code Title 17
Date Adopted: 10/95; Rev. 12/04; 05/09; 01/2013
Date of Review: 05/09; 08/11


  1. It is the policy of the Board that the College as an entity and its employees as individuals conform to the provisions of Florida Statutes and the US Code in respect to copyright of materials in all forms.
  2. These forms may be text, graphic, musical, sculpture or computer programs and may exist on the printed page, on film, recorded on magnetic tape, vinyl record, optical disc, electronic memory or other form.
  3. Departments or individuals may not copy or otherwise reproduce or alter any copyrighted materials without the express written consent of the copyright holder other than as provided in act or statute.
  4. Penalties for violation of this policy shall be established by the President, and published in the Procedures Manual.
  5. The President shall cause a procedure to be developed for implementation of this policy relative to the daily operation of the College.