Field Trips (Policy 4.100)

Authority:Florida Statute 1001.64
Date Adopted:7/82; Rev. 7/92, 12/04


Field trips are valuable learning experience when an integral part of a course. The following shall apply to field trips:

  1. Possible interference with other courses should be considered when scheduling field trips. Field trips should not be scheduled during the last week of classes of any term.
  2. Students cannot be required to attend a field trip nor can the trip be included in computing grades if the trip is announced to the class after the add-drop period. Allowance should be given when trips are included in computing grades to those students who are unable to attend because of illness, work schedules, family responsibilities, or other obligations.
  3. Only those students enrolled in a class taking a field trip may use College-provided transportation.
  4. Transportation by college-provided vehicles may be paid by the individual department or cost center offering the course. Meal and motel expenses of students on field trips may not be paid by College funds. Other related expenses, such as convention registration fees, are paid by the individual students attending. Expenses incurred by a group performing an activity at the request of some other area of the College are paid by the requesting area.
  5. Students on approved field trips or other official school business or functions should not be marked absent from class. However, they are required to make up work missed while on the trip.
  6. Students must complete and sign the Agreement for off-Campus College Activity and Permission for Emergency Treatment forms.