Evaluation of Prior Experiential Learning (Policy 4.031)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64
Date Adopted:07/02
Date of Revision(s):12/04; 09/20


It is the Policy of the District Board of Trustees that credit may be earned by the evaluation of prior experiential learning. 

Evaluation of Prior Experiential Learning 

  1. Credit for prior experiential learning shall be awarded only for documented learning that demonstrates achievement of all outcomes for specific courses in an approved degree program. 
  2. Credit shall be awarded only to matriculated students, and shall be identified on the student's transcript as credit for prior experiential learning. Upon request from another institution the College shall document how such learning was evaluated and the basis on which such credit was awarded. 
  3. Credit for prior experiential learning shall not duplicate credit already awarded. 
  4. Departments and programs must clearly describe, and establish the validity of, the evaluation process and criteria for awarding credit for prior experiential learning. 
  5. The President shall establish procedures to implement this policy. This policy and the procedures implementing it shall be described in the College catalogue and shall be regularly reviewed.