Use of College Property for Free Speech and Expressive Activity (Policy 6.070)

Authority:1st Amendment, U.S. Constitution; Article 1, Section 4, Florida Constitution; F.S. 1001.64; 1004.65; 1004.097
Date Adopted:4/03
Date of Revision(s):12/04; 05/2009; 08/2011; 05/2013; 11/2019


It is the policy of the Board to provide opportunity for free speech and expressive activity on College property for students outside the classroom within guidelines consistent with the educational mission of the institution.   This policy shall apply only to outdoor areas of College property as defined in law, and does not apply to other areas of College property including but not limited to indoor areas. 

  1. A person who wishes to engage in an expressive activity in outdoor areas of a College campus may do so freely, spontaneously, and contemporaneously as the person’s conduct is lawful and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the College or infringe upon the rights of other individuals or organizations to engage in expressive activities.
  2. Outdoor areas of a College campus are considered traditional public forums for individuals, organizations, and guest speakers.  The College may create and enforce restrictions that are reasonable and content-neutral on time, place and manner of expression and that are narrowly tailored to a significant institutional interest.
  3. The College may not designate any area of campus as a free-speech zone or otherwise create policies restricting expressive activities to a particular outdoor area of campus, except as provided herein.
  4. Person’s engaging in free speech or speech protected under the law on College property may not materially disrupt previously scheduled or reserved activities on campus occurring at the same time.
  5. Terms that are used in this policy that are defined in Section 1004.097, Florida Statutes, shall have the meanings given to them in that Section.
  6. The President is authorized to establish procedures to implement this policy and to preserve an effective learning environment on campus.