Environmental Safety, Sanitation, and Inspection of Facilities (Policy 6.060)

Authority:F.S. 1013.11; .12; .37; .38; FAC 6A-2.0010, State Requirements for Educational Facilities(SREF)
Date Adopted:10/04; Rev. 12/04, 05/09, 04/2013; 04/2015
Date of Review:05/09, 08/11, 03/12, 01/13; 10/14


It is the policy of the Board that College facilities shall be well-maintained and safe for occupants at all times. The College shall adhere to applicable lifesafety, sanitation, and inspection requirements as stated in federal, state, and local laws, and in the State Requirements for Educational Facilities (SREF) guidelines.

  1. The College shall develop and maintain a comprehensive program of accessibility, safety, maintenance, sanitation, and inspections to ensure the protection of occupants at all College facilities.
  2. The College shall place a high priority on safety and environmental factors when making decisions about College operations.
  3. The President shall cause procedures to be developed to implement this policy.