Tobacco Free College (Policy 6.021)

Authority: F.S. 1001.64; FAC 6A-14.0247
Date Adopted: 04/2013
Date of Review: ---


Seminole State College strives to promote the health and wellness of its students and employees as well as a safe, comfortable environment for all who work, study, conduct business, or visit the College. It is the policy of the Board that Seminole State College shall be a “Tobacco Free College.”

Effective August 26, 2013

  1. Tobacco of any kind, in any form shall be prohibited at Seminole State College. This includes but is not limited to tobacco used in cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and electronic cigarettes. Snuff, chewing tobacco, and other tobacco products are also prohibited.
  2. The use of tobacco of any kind shall be prohibited on all College owned, operated, leased, and/or controlled properties and facilities such as: buildings, bridges, walkways, sidewalks, parking lots and garages, on-campus streets and driveways, grounds, and exterior open spaces.
  3. Tobacco use shall be prohibited in all College leased or owned vehicles both on and off College property.
  4. Tobacco use shall be prohibited in all personal vehicles while on College property.
  5. The sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products, and the free distribution of tobacco products are prohibited.
  6. This policy does not apply to off-campus facilities leased or used by the College for college events or functions. On those occasions, the tobacco policy of the facility shall be applicable.
  7. The President or designee is authorized to develop procedures to implement this policy.

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