Textbook Affordability and Adoption (Policy 5.200)

Authority:Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008, F.S. 1004.085; F.A.C. 6A-14.092
Date Adopted:05/2011; 01/2013; 01/2015
Date of Review:08/12; 10/2014


For the purposes of this policy, “textbook” means all required course materials including individual items that are sold, rented, or loaned as part of a bundled package.


It is the policy of the Board that the College shall make every effort to adopt textbooks that minimize the cost to students, while maintaining quality education and academic freedom.

  1. No employee shall demand or receive anything of value in exchange for requiring students to purchase a specific textbook or course materials.
  2. Before textbook adoption is finalized, the College shall collect and maintain written or electronically transmitted certifications from course instructors and academic departments attesting:
    1. that all textbooks ordered will be used, particularly each individual item sold as part of a bundled package; and
    2. the extent to which a new edition differs significantly and substantively from earlier versions, and the value of changing to a new edition, when applicable.
  3. The College has several mechanisms in place to make texts available to students who otherwise cannot afford them:
    1. The College provides, through financial aid and scholarships, consideration for those students who otherwise are unable to afford the cost of required textbooks and materials.
    2. The College makes every effort to ensure that used textbooks and textbook rental options are available to students in addition to the purchase of new textbooks.
    3. Faculty are encouraged to consider the extent to which an open-access textbook may be used, particularly for high-demand general education courses.
    4. The Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) provides assistive technology to students with disabilities to help them access textbooks and other materials needed for their studies.
  4. The President shall establish procedures to implement this policy.