Budget (Policy 5.010)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64; 1010.02; 1011.01; 1011.30; FAC 6A-14.0715; .0716; .0261
Date Adopted:7/82; Rev. 7/92, 03/10; 05/2013
Date of Review:05/09; 08/11; 04/13


  1. Budget Preparation and Approval
    The President shall submit to the Board for approval the annual budget of revenues and expenditures in accordance with 6A-14.0716 FAC. The President or designee shall establish procedures for the preparation of the budget that ensure the appropriate involvement of college personnel.
  2. Budget Implementation and Amendments
    The Board authorizes the President to implement and amend the approved budget in accordance with 6A-14.0715 and .0716 FAC. The President shall submit for approval by the Board those budget amendments identified in 6A-14.0716 FAC that require approval by the Chancellor of the Florida College System.