Commercial Solicitation, Posting /Distribution of Notices on College Property (Policy 1.130)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64, 1004.097
Date Adopted:01/90
Date of Revision(s):07/92; 05/09; 08/11; 06/13; 10/2014; 11/2019


  1. For purposes of this policy, “commercial speech” means speech in which the individual is engaged in commerce, the intended audience is commercial (or actual or potential customers), and the content of the message is commercial.
  2. All requests for any form of commercial speech, including but not limited to commercial speech involving the posting/distribution of notices, advertising, solicitation, flyers, publications or other forms of commercial communication must be approved by the College in advance in writing.
  3. Anyone engaging in commercial speech on College property without documented approval of College administration is trespassing and subject to arrest and prosecution.
  4. The name of the College will not be used in joint advertising without the permission of the President or designee.  Unauthorized use may subject the party to proceedings regarding violation of the College’s intellectual property rights.
  5. The College reserves the right to enter into agreement with commercial concerns in support of College events and services. Co-sponsored activities will be considered official College function and not subject to the above restrictions.
  6. The President shall cause procedures to be developed to implement this policy.