Source of Official Information, Forms, and Records (Policy 1.080)


Authority:F.S. 1001.64; FAC 6A-14.0261
Date Adopted:07/82 Revised 07/92; 03/00; 05/09; 01/2013
Date of Review:05/09; 08/11


Specific information, forms, and official records pertaining to College operations and procedures may be obtained from the following offices during the office hours listed in the College Catalog:

  1. President's Office - Board policies, official College procedures, records and minutes of the Board, organization of the College, and other general matters of the College.
  2. Student Affairs Office - student admissions, registration, graduation, transcripts, financial aid, class schedules, programs, records, activities, College calendar, and other matters related to students.
  3. Office of Finance and Budget - purchasing, accounting, receiving, facilities, and other matters related to the business operations of the College.
  4. Human Resource Office - employment, employees, records, and other matters pertaining to persons employed by the College.