Public Comment at Board Meetings (Policy 1.015)

Authority:F.S. Chapter 120; 286.0114; 286.011; 1001.64
Date Adopted:11/2013
Date of Review:-----


  1. The District Board of Trustees of Seminole State College of Florida (“Board”) shall provide members of the public with a reasonable opportunity to be heard on a proposition before the Board prior to the Board taking action on the proposition. The opportunity to be heard:
    1. may or may not occur at the same meeting at which the Board takes action, as long as the opportunity occurs at a meeting during the decision-making process and is within reasonable proximity in time before the Board takes official action; and
    2. is subject to Board rules, policies, and procedures including requirements regarding orderly conduct and proper decorum in a public meeting.
  2. The opportunity to be heard does not apply to an official act that must be taken to deal with an emergency situation affecting the public’s health, welfare, or safety, if compliance with the requirements would cause an unreasonable delay in the ability of the Board to act. Also excluded are other actions and meetings cited in F.S. 286.0114, and meetings exempt from F.S. 286.011.
  3. The President shall cause procedures to be developed to implement this policy.