PEC Charter

The Professional Employee Council is hereinafter referred to as the PEC.   This Charter defines the membership of the PEC and outlines any subcommittees that may be deemed appropriate. The PEC shall serve as the representative body of professional employees collegewide on matters of professional staff concern.  

  1. Members: Members shall include all full-time and part-time professional employees of Seminole State College, as defined within the salary schedule. 
  2. Meetings: The PEC will meet four times per year, at the discretion of the chair.  Special meetings may be called at any time by the chair or, in his/her absence, the vice chair.  Meetings will be held at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus.
  3. Officers and Board Members: The PEC will have the following officers:  chair, vice chair, and the secretary. Members of the Board of Directors will consist of the three (3) officers, the immediate past chair, and five (5) board members. All members of the Board of Directors shall serve one-year terms. Officers and Board Members may not serve for more than three1 consecutive years in the same position. No member of the Board of Directors shall serve for more than seven (7) consecutive years. Past Board members who have served for seven consecutive years will not be eligible for election to a Board position for three (3) consecutive years after completion of the seven years. Every attempt will be made to have each campus represented on the Board of Directors.
    1. Each officer shall hold office until his/her successor has been duly elected, and each term will run concurrently with the fiscal year (July through June). 
  4. Election of Officers and Board Members: Elections shall take place in the spring of the year that the respective term ends. Candidates shall be nominated in writing, or via electronic means, by the professional staff. Nominees who receive a majority vote by professional staff respondents, through a formal nomination and election process, shall be elected. The vote may be taken via electronic means.
  5. Exchange of Views: One purpose of the PEC is to represent professional employees at the President’s Exchange of Views (EOV) meeting. Meetings will be attended by:  PEC officers and Board members, consisting of up to eight (8) participants. As needed, additional PEC members may be chosen at the chair’s discretion to attend the EOV as alternates.
    1. Discussion of issues that will be presented at the President’s Exchange of Views (EOV) shall take place at the regularly scheduled PEC meetings. The PEC Board of Directors will vote to determine which issues shall be presented at the EOV. Passage of an issue requires a majority vote of the Board of Directors. If a vote is time-sensitive, as deemed by the chair, the vote may be taken via electronic means.
  6. College Advisory Council: One responsibility of the PEC chair is to represent the PEC at the College Advisory Council meetings, which are hosted by the Executive Team and held once each month.
  7. PEC Subcommittees: The PEC appoints the following subcommittees to carry out the Professional Employee Council program. Subcommittee chairs are appointed by the PEC chair.
    1. Nominating - The Nominating Subcommittee shall have the primary and ongoing responsibilities to recruit and recommend PEC members for elective office. The Nominating Subcommittee shall be chaired by the vice chair and shall consist of the vice chair and two (2) Board members.
    2. Other Subcommittees - The chair shall establish other ad hoc subcommittees as it deems necessary. These subcommittees may consist of PEC members and subject matter experts.
  8. Amendments: The PEC may amend this charter. Amendments to this charter require a majority vote of the PEC and approval by the PEC Board of Directors.

1Amended October 2013 

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