Navigate360: Early Alerts

Early Alerts is a student success initiative designed to proactively identify and support students who may require assistance for various reasons during the term. The College will offer timely outreach through services and assistance. This is achieved through the collaboration of faculty, staff, and utilization of Navigate360. The purpose of Early Alerts is to:

  • nudge and encourage students’ academic performance
  • conduct outreach to students who may be struggling
  • praise students who are excelling

Early Alerts consists of Progress Surveys which are periodic assessments by instructors to track individual student performance during the term. Ad Hoc Alerts are like progress surveys but can be raised at any time during the term. Students can Hand Raise, issuing an alert on themselves, allowing students to self-identity. 

Early AlertNotesTiming

Progress Survey # 1

Week 1: In Jeopardy of Being Withdrawn (W4)

Week 1

Progress Survey # 2 & Ad Hoc Alerts

High-Five, continue excelling!

Level up! You have untapped potential.

Concerns about missing assignments and progress.

Your presence matters! Stay connected with learning.

Full term - Week 4
A/B term - Week 2
12W term - Week 4

Hand Raise

Academic Advising

I need help with Textbooks or Course Materials

I need help in Math

I need help with writing

I need help with my IDS 1107 class

I need help with Library Research 

Basic Needs Help (food, rent, transportation, or telehealth)

General Question/Help


Instructors should provide detailed notes when creating the alerts identifying the concern, what needs to be improved, and including methods to increase student success. Please add a note in Navigate360 if the student exhibits the desired behavior before the alert is closed.

Students will receive automatic notifications providing information and additional resources. Most alerts are configured to:

  • notify supporting departments including the Academic Success Center, Advising, and Holistic Support
  • have supporting departments connect with students reinforcing the instructor's messaging and connect to college resources 
  • formally document the student interactions in Navigate360

Hand Raise allows students to "raise their hand" by issuing alerts on themselves. Students can use Hand Raise either from the Quick Add or the Help menu

Location of Hand Raise In Navigate360 student platformOnly students can Hand Raise on themselves, can associate them with a course, and add additional comments. Faculty should direct and encourage students to utilize the feature when needed.

Early Alerts goal is to increase awareness and utilization of student services so that students get the support when they need it. They are creating a campus network supporting student success and retention.


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