Humanities, History and Modern Languages

To study the past, explain the present, and prepare for the future.

From classical studies, history, and foreign languages to courses on the 21st century, and the global community, each student develops a broad perspective on the human experience.

As a student in humanities, you have an array of available resources, including sophisticated technology.

  • A new computer lab is used for language classes.
  • Multimedia technology is used by humanities students in the classroom and for individual study.

Courses in African American, Asian, and Latin American humanities increase understanding of the diversity of human experience.

Students in all career programs, from music and automotive technology to engineering and biotechnology, find that study in the humanities provides an excellent foundation for understanding human relationships and behavior.

Humanities Information: 407.708.2226


Rosemarie De Abreu
Humanities, History and Foreign Languages, Office Supervisor
Phone: 407.708.2226
Office: SLM Campus, UP-2002