Student Spotlight

Ashley Small photo

Ashley Small

  • A.S. Health Services Management student

Ashley Small came to Seminole State with a bachelor’s degree. Her career goals require a cross-disciplinary training in health care and ethics, and Seminole State provided her with that flexibility. The program gave her the confidence and administrative knowledge to know that she can contribute to a team or start her own business. She credits Professor Bitar as the most influential person during her time at Seminole State. “Because my field of interest is more focused on the health of animals, my academic interests were unique. In every course that Professor Bitar taught there was relevancy to my field and lessons I can apply whether I decided to work in the private sector, public sector, or as a consultant,” Small said. She plans to work in environmental conservation and animal welfare ethics and law, developing policies to mitigate the destruction of habitat that impacts the health of both humans and animals. “When professors schedule guest speakers and information sessions, attend as many as you can. You never know what will spark your interest and there is always at least one new thing you’ll walk away with,” Small said. She was recently hired by a local dental office where she completed her internship. She is also applying to graduate school to further her studies.


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