Graduation FAQs

?How long will it take for me to receive my diploma/certificate
?When can I apply to graduate?
?When is the graduation ceremony?
?Are tickets required for the graduation ceremony?
?How do I apply for graduation?
?What can prevent my diploma/certificate from being released?
?When is the deadline to RSVP for the graduation ceremony?
?When does Seminole State hold graduations?
?Will I receive my diploma during the graduation ceremony?
?How do I order a cap and gown for the ceremony?
?I never received my diploma/certificate. Who do I contact?
?How do I order transcripts?
?Where should I park for the graduation ceremony?
?Who do I contact to request special accommodations for the graduation ceremony?
?Where do I find directions to the graduation ceremony?
?Am I required to attend a graduation rehearsal?
?Is there a dress code for the graduation ceremony?
?What GPA is required for graduation?
?What are the requirements for graduating with distinction?
?When will my degree/program show on my transcript?
?What if I missed the RSVP deadline?
?What documents do I need to submit to graduate?
?Will my photo be taken during the ceremony?
?Am I required to participate in the graduation ceremony to receive my diploma
?Where do students meet before the graduation ceremony?
?What information will appear on my diploma?
?Will the graduation ceremony be broadcast?
?Does Seminole State offer a summer graduation ceremony?
?How do I know if my diploma application is complete?
?How do I stay in touch with Seminole State after I graduate?
?How do I request a copy of my diploma?
?Who do I contact about club/program regalia for graduation?
?How do I change my address after I have submitted my diploma application?
?What are the diploma/certificate dimensions?
?How do I re-apply for graduation?
?Who do I contact for more information about the graduation ceremony?
?How do I change my name after I have submitted my diploma application?

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