Graduation and Transition

Did you know that in the state of Florida the GED® exam is an alternative pathway to earn a high school diploma? It's true! When you pass the exam, you are awarded a high school diploma issued by the Florida Department of Education. You can use that diploma like one earned in the traditional high school environment. A high school diploma will allow you to: 

  • Get a job or a promotion
  • Go to college
  • Pursue a trade
  • Qualify for financial aid

The GED® Prep Program at Seminole State College has helped thousands of students pass the GED® exam, earn their degrees and accomplish their goals. 

The Graduation Ceremony (Commencement) 

Students who take GED® Prep classes with us are invited to participate in our big graduation ceremony (also known as commencement) that is held two times each year. Commencement is completely free and a lot of fun! Graduates receive a free cap and gown, free graduation tickets for their guests and get to have their accomplishment recognized by College faculty and staff at the event. They get their turn to walk across the stage, take pictures in our designated photo area and celebrate with their family and friends. It's a special, celebratory event for everyone involved. 

Students who have already passed the GED® exam - and those who plan on passing soon -are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible about graduation RSVP procedures if they want to participate in the upcoming commencement. More information about commencement can be found at the College's Graduation website

GED Testing Service Website Setup

The official GED® Testing Service website ( is where you will be able to view your scores, order official GED® transcripts and request duplicate copies of your high school diploma. 

Additionally, at any time you can choose to share your scores with our advisors on Sharing scores is very useful, as it allows us to monitor your learning progress as well as verify your scores for purposes related to graduation, transition and scholarships.

Sharing your scores with us on is easy and takes about two minutes once you have created your free account. View a short video walkthrough of the score-sharing process


Advisors in our Center for Adult and Workforce Education are here to help with transitioning to the next step in your education and career. Contact us at any time for assistance with:


Adult Education Information
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