Additional Information for Students Seeking a Second Degree

Students must maintain Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) in a course of study regardless of whether they received financial aid.

If a student has completed a previous degree and is now seeking a second degree but their total combined hours from the first and second degree will not exceed 150 precent the hours required for the second degree, then they are not required to submit a SAP Appeal. Otherwise, the student will need to submit a SAP Appeal to be eligible to receive federal financial aid.

When submitting a SAP Appeal for exceeding 150 percent of the program hours (excess hours) during the process of obtaining a second degree, additional documentation can consist of proof of first degree earned.

If this is the case, the student may pursue the second degree under an Academic Plan based on an approved SAP Appeal. An Academic Plan for second degree-seeking students means that the students:

  • Must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • Cannot fail or withdraw from any class
  • Cannot change program plans and must take only those classes that are mandatory under their current program plan

For more information, please review the SAP for Financial Aid.


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