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FAFSA Information

Federal regulations require that all students who receive financial assistance demonstrate that they are moving through their academic program at a reasonable rate and are making progress toward their degree. Seminole State College of Florida is adhering to the federal requirements for students to be awarded financial aid. To earn financial aid, all students must have:

  • Achieved at least a cumulative grade point average of 2.0
  • Completed more than 67 percent of their attempted courses
  • Not reached 150 percent of the credits required for their declared program of study.

For more information, please review the Standards of Academic Progress for Financial Aid.

If you feel that you had extenuating circumstances beyond your control that caused you to be unable to successfully meet federal financial aid standards, then you may take the following assessment to see if you are eligible to submit an appeal to the Financial Aid Office.

1. Did you have extenuating circumstances that prevented your successful academic progress?


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