Financial Aid Refund FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Seminole State's financial aid refund options.

Most Asked Financial Aid Refunds Questions

What is a financial aid refund?
What options are available for receiving financial aid refunds?
Will all Seminole State refunds be processed by BankMobile?
I chose my refund method with MoneyNetwork. Do I still need to choose a new refund method?
How do I change my financial aid refund option?
I already have a Seminole State OneCard. Can my financial aid refunds still deposit to my BankMobile Vibe account?
How do I close my BankMobile Vibe account (formerly Higher One OneAccount)?
I want to withdraw funds from my Seminole State Prepaid Card account. Where can I find a free ATM?
How can I learn more about the Seminole State Prepaid Card and Money Network?
Who should I contact if my Seminole State Prepaid Card is lost or stolen?
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Financial Aid Office
Phone: 407.708.2045
Fax: 407.708.2323

Federal School Code: 001520