Meeting Minutes - March 8, 2006


Call to order by President Rogers at 3:35 p.m. Quorum declared.
Minutes of February meeting.

Three errors were found in the minutes. Dr. Hawkins stated that Seminole State was fourth in the state for percentage spent on 'direct instruction'. The other two errors were typographical: on page 2, paragraph five, the second word from the end should be 'than', not 'that'; and the last paragraph should read 'members in attendance.'

Minutes were approved as corrected.

At-Large Member Elections

The following people were elected to faculty senate at-large positions for a two-year term beginning Term I (August 23, 2006): Michael Artiaga, Linda Berlin, Barbara Entwistle, Mayra Eschbach, Dan Gilmartin, Jonathan Green, Barbara Hunnicutt, Sue Kellicut, Jeri Rogers, Karen Schwitters, Steve Shideler, Laurel Stevenson, Ben Taylor, Debbie Warfield, Richard Young.

Adjunct Elections

There will be three adjunct representatives on Faculty Senate, one each from Career Programs, Adult Education and Arts and Sciences.

Executive Staff Compensation Packages

Dr. McGee distributed three documents. The first was a chart entitled "President's Salary, Seminole State College, 1996 - 2006." The chart showed base salary, and supplements. The highest reported president's salary in the state ($334,010) was from St. Petersburg Community College and the lowest ($105,383) is the salary for the president at North Florida Community College. The second document was a chart entitled "Executive Team Total Compensation, 1996-97 through 2005-06." The third item was a table entitled "Comparable Salaries Rankings, 2005-2006." She stated that salaries are sensitive issues.

Dr. McGee stated that Seminole State is currently the 10th or 11th largest community college in the state, depending upon which measurement is used. She also stated that Seminole State ranks fourth in the state for "Direct Instructional Support" with 49 percent of our budget spent on this category; Seminole State ranks second in the state, at 69.7 percent of the budget, for Total Instructional Expense; and Seminole State ranks 24th in the state for Non-instructional Expenditures. Seminole State has the lowest percentage (14 percent) of faculty with Ph.D.'s within the Florida Community College System.

Dr. McGee said that the goal of the Executive Staff is to have our faculty salaries equal to those of Valencia Community College in two years.

Report from Faculty Compensation Group

Lane Vosbury reported that data on the salaries of selected positions within the Florida Community College System from 1995-96 through 2005-06 was disseminated at a meeting requested by Dr. McGee in response to Faculty Senate's February 15 recommendation requesting that HR make available the complete compensation packages of all members of the Executive Staff for the last 10 years. This meeting was attended by Dr. McGee, Dr. Hawkins, Joe Sarnovsky, Jeri Rogers and Lane Vosbury. Lane indicated that he requested another meeting with Dr. McGee to clarify the faculty's request. The information provided by Executive Staff at this meeting resulted from that clarification. Jeri Rogers shared the data on the salaries of selected positions within the Florida Community College System that was given to them at that first meeting. She also shared some summary information she had prepared based on the selected positions data.

It was noted that salary ranges of non-faculty positions at the college were immediately changed after the Cody Study indicated that those positions were under funded. Faculty members are questioning why they are not receiving the same treatment.

Compensation Practices Group representatives indicated that some preliminary options presented by the administration to fund salary increases were to review the following: contract length of faculty members, average class size, faculty loads and release time. Two colleges within the system, Santa Fe and Indian River, only offer 9-month contracts for faculty. Several schools employ supplemental contracts for summer teaching and other incremental duties. Seminole State has more 11- and 12-month contracts than other schools within the system.

Our Adult High School is one of the most successful in the state and it also has the highest percentage of full-time faculty.

The next meeting of the Faculty Compensation Group will be on Thursday, March 23, beginning at 3:15 p.m. The data indicating that Seminole State spends a greater proportion of its budget on faculty salaries will be scrutinized.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Members in attendance: Angela Aiken-McDonald, Linda Berlin, Rafael Davila, Frank DiGiacomo, Susan Dooley, Lucia Dzikowski, Mayra Eschbach, Greg Garrison, Dan Gilmartin, Jonathan Green, Sue Kellicut, Alan Kraft, Barbara Lott, Debbie Mead, Jeri Rogers, Karen Schwitters, Jay Spalding, Laurel Stevenson, Debbie Warfield.

There were nine guests in attendance.


Margaret Jenkins
President, Faculty Senate