Meeting Minutes - January 11, 2006

Call to order by President Rogers at 3:40 p.m. Quorum declared.
Announcements by President McGee

Dr. McGee shared several items with the Senate.

  • A foundation board member has made a $100,000 donation to the foundation.
  • There has been a seven-figure donation to the Dream Auction.
  • The Y is considering adding our gym to their list of locations. This may include a child-care facility.
  • The three hurricanes have created a windfall for the state. The legislature is considering allocating $238 million to the community college system. Proposed allocations include $5 million for the Altamonte Campus, $3 million for the Heathrow Center, $1 million for the drive track and burn buildings, and $27.5 million for a joint-use facility for Seminole State and UCF.
  • The proposal for a cooperative effort between the Seminole County Library System and Seminole State is being revisited.
  • An agreement between UCF and the four area community colleges (Valencia, Lake Sumter, Daytona Beach and Seminole State) which will provide a seamless movement between these schools is slated to be finalized in April.
Correction to the December minutes.

Correction to the minutes of the December meeting: Under item #8, the benefits subcommittee is the Faculty Senate Benefits Subcommittee, not the Faculty Compensation Group Benefits Subcommittee.

Minutes of the December meeting were approved as corrected.

Faculty In-Service Day

President Rogers took our recommendation regarding the date of the Faculty In-Service to the Leadership Team and to the Faculty Institute. She relayed the feedback she received from these groups. After some discussion, Faculty Senate decided to stand by their previous recommendation.

Adjunct Representation

Currently, there is no adjunct representation on Faculty Senate. President Rogers asked senators to send her the name of a contact person in each department/area whom she could contact in an effort to promote adjunct involvement. According to our constitution, elections are to be held in March .

Faculty Evaluations

There has been indication that supervisors of some faculty have been using information from in their evaluation processes. The validity of the information on this website is questionable.

Recommendation: Faculty Senate requests that the Administration remind supervisors of the instruments that are appropriate for evaluating faculty. is not appropriate.

Alternative to Star-Dot-Star

The general agreement is that the listserve set up by the Task Force as an alternative to star-dot-star is working well.

Recommendation: Faculty Senate recommends approval of the Listserve set up by the Task Force as an alternative to star-dot-star.

Faculty Senate Benefits Subcommittee

A copy of a report comparing the benefits packages of four community colleges within the Consortium, Miami Dade Community College, and Seminole County Public Schools was distributed. A representative from Human Resources will be asked to attend a future Senate meeting to explain the differences between the costs to employees of schools within the Consortium.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Member in attendance: Angela Aiken-McDonald, Linda Berlin, Janice Close, Frank DiGiacomo, Susan Dooley, Lucia Dzikowski, Barbara Entwistle, Greg Garrison, Dan Gilmartin, Rob Holborn, Barbara Hunnicutt, Sue Kellicut, Alan Kraft, Barbara Lott, Jeri Rogers, Jay Spalding, Laurel Stevenson, Pat Tanzi, Debbie Warfield, Richard Young.

There were three guests in attendance.


Margaret Jenkins
President, Faculty Senate