Engineering Technology

Engineering technology is a field that covers a wide array of industries and jobs that have a direct hand in shaping the world around us. Engineering technicians help design and plan the buildings and machines we use to ensure they are sound and functional. They do this through a mix of creativity, technical skills and a detail-oriented mindset to invent effective solutions to everyday problems.

As part of Seminole State College's Department of Engineering Technology, you’ll benefit from expertly developed courses, award-winning facilities and standards of excellence.  Plus, as in real-life engineering, our program features frequent hands-on experiences with community projects and personal support from the area’s design and construction leaders. By using project-based learning, our students will deepen their understanding and appreciation for complex engineering topics.

Through the department’s programs you’ll develop your technical skills to become an effective Engineering Technology professional. Are you a problem-solver with an inventive insight into math and science? If so, a career in engineering technology may be the right fit for you.  

Engineering Technology News

After moving to Florida from Puerto Rico when she was eight, Yairette Quinones discovered her love of STEM and has carved out her own path through internships and experience. All the way to the stars and a NASA internship!
To showcase these numerous, high-paying opportunities, students are encouraged to come out to the 2020 Aerospace & Aviation Day at the Orlando Sanford International Airport.
Seminole State’s Engineering Technology degree program, which offers a mechatronics and robotics specialization, is unique because it integrates project-based learning into the educational experience.
For Kirk Sawyer, scholarship and service go hand in hand. With a team of fellow faculty and staff, Sawyer traveled to Lake Titicaca, Peru, last summer to to identify service-learning projects for Seminole State students to undertake over the next three years.


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