Scene Size-Up, MCI, Hand Tools and Water Rescue Lab Sheets

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Lab Sheet #Title
DOT 1-3-14Protective Equipment
DOT 3-3.64, 64Performing a Scene Size-Up and Potential Hazards
DOT 3-5.29Radio Communications
DOT 7-1.19Team Leader
DOT 7-1.18
Team Leader Response Team
DOT 8-2.37
Tabletop MCI
DOT 8-2.37, 2.38, 2.39MCI Roles
DOT 8-3.45A-H Paramedic Basic Hand Tools
DOT 8-3.50
In-Water Spinal
DOT 8-3.51
Donning and Adjusting
DOT 8-3.52Throw Bag


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