Patient Assessment Lab Sheets

The forms below are in Microsoft Word format and are available to download and print.

Lab Sheet #NameFormat
DOT 3-2.66, 68Exam and Visual Acuity Eye .doc
DOT 3-2.67Examination of the Ears .doc
DOT 3-2.69Examination of the Nose .doc
DOT 3-2.70Examination of the Mouth and Pharynx .doc
DOT 3-2.78 - 3-3.281Assessment Cardiovascular .doc
DOT 3-2.82, 3-2.83Examination of Female and Male Genitalia .doc
DOT 3-2.86Demonstrate the Examination of the Peripheral Vascular System .doc
DOT 3-2.87Musculoskeletal System .doc
DOT 3-3.65Assessing Mental status .doc
DOT 3-3.71Demonstrate the Techniques for Prioritizing Patients .doc
DOT 3-3.81Detailed Physical Assessment .doc
DOT 4-4.79Assessment of Burn Patient .doc
DOT 8-2.36Effective Initial Scene Assessment .doc

Stroke, Intracranial Hemorrhage or TIA .doc


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