IV, GI Tube, NDC and Medication Administration Lab Sheets

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Lab Sheet #NameFormat
DOT 1-7.4, 19, 20, 28Drug Classifications.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.34IV Therapy.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.40Rectal Administration of Medicine.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.35IO Administration.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.36Clean Techniques for Medicine Administration.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.37Oral Medications.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.39Gastric Tube Medication Administration.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.41Parenteral Medications.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.42Obtaining Blood Sample.pdf.doc
DOT 1-8.43Proper Disposal of Contaminated Items.pdf.doc
DOT 2-1.92Gastric Decompression.pdf.doc
DOT 4-7.50aNeedle Decompression.pdf.doc
DOT 6-1.101Orogastric Tube.pdf.doc
DOT 6-6.42Paramedic Complicated Venous Point.pdf.doc
DOT 6-6.45, 46Drawing Blood.pdf.doc


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