Airway Lab Sheets

The forms below are in Microsoft Word format and are available to download and print.

Lab Sheet #TypeFormat
DOT 1-8.38 Nebulizer.doc
DOT 2-1.83Peak Expiratory Flow Testing.doc
DOT 2.1-86 Sellick Maneuver.doc
DOT 2-1.87 Airway Obstruction.doc
DOT 2-1.87 Airway Obstruction Maneuvers.doc
DOT 2-1.88 Oral Suctioning.doc
DOT 2-1.89 Tracheobronchial Suctioning in the Intubated Patient.doc
DOT 2-1.93 Oropharyngeal Airway.doc
DOT 2-1.94 Nasopharyngeal Airway.doc
DOT 2-1.95b Demonstrate ventilating a patient by
Bag-valve-mask: one, two, and three person
DOT 2-1.95g,h Stoma Ventilation.doc
DOT 2-1.96 Demonstrate ventilating a Pediatric patient by
Bag-valve-mask: one, and two person.
DOT 2-1.97 Small volume nebulizer.doc
DOT 2-1.99 Oxygen Humidifier.doc
DOT 2-1.101 Stoma Suctioning.doc
DOT 2-1.104f Needle Cricothyrotomy.doc
DOT 2-1.104f Surgical (open) Cricothyrotomy.doc
DOT 2-1.106 Pediatric/Infant Endotracheal Intubation.doc
DOT 2-1.185 a,b,c,d Pediatric Airway Maneuvers.doc
DOT 2-1.95 Ventilating a Patient.doc
DOT 2-1.82 End-Tidal CO2 Detection.doc
DOT 2-1.95e Demonstrate ventilating a patient with a Flow
restricted Oxygen powered ventilation device
DOT 2-1.95f Automatic trans ventilator.doc
DOT 2-1.98 Oxygen cylinder with regulator.doc
DOT 2-1.100 Supplemental Oxygen.doc
DOT 2-1.104a Adult ET.doc
DOT 2-1.104b Adult Nasal ET.doc
DOT 2-1.104c Multi-lumen Airway.doc
DOT 2-1.104d Digital Intubation.doc
DOT 2-1.104e Transillumination ET.doc
DOT 2-1.109 Perform replacement of a
tracheotomy tube through a stoma
DOT 2.184a, b Head-tilt Chin-lift.doc
DOT 2.184c, d Jaw Thrust maneuvers.doc
DOT 5-1.15O CPAP Unit.doc
DOT 6-1.107 Demonstrate Blow-by Oxygen for
a Newborn, infants and Children
DOT 6-2.101 Ventilation Device Infant.doc
DOT 6-2.101 Ventilation Device Child.doc
DOT 6-2.104 Demonstrate Appropriate Needle Cricothyrotomy
in Infants and Children
DOT 6-1.109, 2.110 FBAO Child.doc
DOT 6-1.109, 2.110 FBAO Infant.doc
 DOT 6-6.43, 6-6.44Proper Tracheotomy.doc


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