Collegewide Convocation 2021

Seminole State's annual Collegewide Convocation celebrates the achievements of the College, our faculty and our staff as well as the success of our students. As the College continues its efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our annual Collegewide Convocation will be held virtually this year. 

The 2021 Convocation, on Sept. 28, will feature the State of the College address (via livestream), sessions on personal and professional development, and some fun activities to engage you and get you moving!

The 2021 Pathfinder and Career Service Excellence Awards will also be announced during State of the College.

Professional Development Credit

If staff members want professional development credit (PDC) for the State of the College, keynote address or the learning day sessions, they should file their own PDC request through the Seminole State App Portal (SSAP). Their supervisor will be responsible for approving or declining their request. Faculty can also submit a PDC request for the State of the College and keynote address. Faculty will receive credit for the learning day sessions following the usual process via the Sign Me Up calendar.

You can learn about and register for the workshops offered at Convocation on the Workshops page.

Keynote Speaker: Executive and Leadership Coach Jean Kling, Granger Network

Jean Kling smiles at the camera. She has should-length blonde hair and is wearing a colorful, professional top under a dark blazer.
Jean Kling

Throughout her career, Jean Kling has pursued her passion of bringing clarity to chaos as a trusted consultant, coach and mediator for leaders and organizations. She thrives in high-stakes situations where she can make a difference by synthesizing disparate stakeholder perspectives into a clear pathway forward for all.  

Jean has worked throughout North America and internationally on projects ranging from humanitarian aid and health care in West Africa to peace-building efforts in Northern Ireland. She worked as a mediator with Los Angeles County courts, community mediation organizations, schools and private clients. She served as a board member for Mediators Beyond Borders International, an advisor for Occidental College’s Intergroup Dialogue Program, and a facilitator for the Institute of Nonviolence in Los Angeles and UN-certified Soliya Connect Program.  

Today, Jean spends her time working with executives who are out to accomplish ambitious goals for themselves and their stakeholders, amid the intensity of reorganizations, mergers, acquisitions and other high-pressure circumstances. Along with her colleagues at the Granger Network, Jean partners with her clients to align their culture, strategy and leadership so that their efforts are impactful - both internally and externally. 

Jean is a Newfield Network-certified and International Coach Federation-credentialed leadership coach. She received her master's in dispute resolution from the Straus Institute at Pepperdine University and B.A. from Colgate University.  

When she is not working with her clients, Jean enjoys the mountains of Colorado with her husband, daughter, and ever-playful, new puppy, Riley.

"Creating a Bright Future"

“There is nothing permanent except change,” said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. In just the last year and half — as we have experienced a devastating pandemic, escalating unrest, and a historic degree of disruption — these words have proven timeless. Change surrounds us. From the way we work, to the way we live, to the way we connect and interact with others, it is easy to feel caught in a current of constant transition. Given this, the essential question facing us all is: "How do we set ourselves up to thrive in times of transition?" 

Drawing on her background supporting organizations in transitions including high growth, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, Jean Kling will explore what enables individuals and teams to transform the challenges of change into valuable opportunities for growth, success, and in some cases, re-invention. Through storytelling, shifting perspectives on our relationship to change, and a few simple practices, this keynote talk will support us as colleagues and human beings in meeting this unique moment in our collective history.