Communications Program

In today's fast-paced world, the field of communication is constantly evolving. But look beyond the glitz, glamour and technology, and you will see that language remains at the core of nearly all forms of expression. Having a strong command of the written and spoken word is more important than ever and can have a big impact on your professional success.

At Seminole State, we know how important communication skills are — at work, in school and in life. With our seasoned faculty and small classes, students will improve their writing and speaking skills, and learn to think critically; argue effectively; and reach beyond metaphors and clichés.

Seminole State's communication curriculum emphasizes research and organization, and encourages students to think about the world in a new way. The skills developed through these courses are essential for most four-year degree programs and are transferable to virtually any professional field.

A.A. Degree

Communication is a diverse discipline, offering career opportunities in advertising, public relations, copywriting, radio and television broadcasting, and numerous other industries.

Communication students will complete the common prerequisite courses for an upper-division communication major as part of their general Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree program. After graduating from Seminole State, they can continue their studies at a state college or university with junior standing.

Seminole State offers prerequisite courses for the following communication majors:

* More information on Seminole State's English and Journalism programs can be found on the English Department home page.