Developmental Courses

All applicants entering college for the first time who intend to begin degree or college credit certificate programs are tested for reading, writing and mathematics proficiency, unless a student meets one of the following two criteria:

  • Entered 9th grade in a Florida public school in the 2003-2004 school year, or any year thereafter, and earned a Florida standard high school diploma.
  • Serving as an active duty member of any branch of the United States Armed Services.

Exempt students are eligible to opt out of enrollment in developmental education courses. With proper documentation, exempt students may be eligible to enroll directly into ENC 1101 and MAT 1033. Exempt students may elect to take the common placement test to help identify where additional preparation may be needed. Regardless of scores, exempt students shall not be REQUIRED to enroll in developmental education. Exempt students may also choose to enroll in developmental education in order to improve skills prior to enrolling in college-level courses. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor who will assist with the best possible placement. Details on the legislation are available online.

Non-exempt students are placed in college developmental writing, reading and/or mathematics if placement scores indicate a need for developmental instruction. 

Student who are classified as “Non-exempt” status and who place into 2 or more development courses must also enroll and complete SLS 1101, College Success. 

Each of the three skill areas - reading, writing and mathematics - are independent of each other. Students may place at the college level in one area and at the developmental level in the other area(s). Students are required to enroll in developmental courses at the beginning of their enrollment at Seminole State and continue to enroll in them each term until they have completed their required courses. If students are enrolled in the appropriate developmental course(s), they may also enroll in the college-level courses for which they meet the prerequisite(s).

Developmental courses in reading, writing and mathematics include:

 Reading Skills

  • ENC 0017 Developmental Reading and Writing Combined
  • REA 0019 Developmental Reading - Repeatable Course
  • REA 0055 Developmental Reading Module

Writing Skills

  • ENC 0017 Developmental Reading and Writing Combined
  • ENC 0022 Developmental Writing - Repeatable Course
  • ENC 0055 Developmental Writing Module

Mathematics Skills

  • MAT 0022 Developmental Mathematics Combined
  • MAT 0055 Developmental Mathematics Module
  • MAT 0057 Developmental Mathematics - Repeatable Course

Student Information

State of Florida Rules

Repeating courses: Florida Statute limits students to three attempts to pass each developmental course, including original grades, repeat grades and withdrawals. Upon the third attempt, the student is assessed the full cost of instruction, is not permitted to withdraw and receives a grade for the course. The student may petition to waive the full cost of instruction due to extenuating circumstances or financial hardship by completing the "Request for Exemption from Full Cost of Instruction" (non- refundable) form available from the Enrollment Services and Registration website. Enrollment in a class beyond the 100-percent refund period, regardless of whether a student finishes the term, is considered an attempt.

The total attempts limitation does not apply to repeatable courses.

Repeatable Developmental Courses: Students who make satisfactory progress but do not complete all of the necessary topics in one semester may earn a grade of "Satisfactory" which is considered passing for purposes of standards of academic progress and financial aid.  While many students will complete the necessary material in one semester, some students may need multiple semesters to achieve college readiness.  Please refer to the Catalog course descriptions for information regarding repeatable courses.

Alternative instruction: In accordance with Florida law, students may use alternatives to traditional college developmental instruction. For information about these options, contact the professional staff in the Academic Success Center or meet with a Seminole State student success specialist.


All developmental courses - reading, writing and mathematics - use the same withdrawal practices. Students may withdraw during the College's withdrawal period and take the same developmental course again without retesting.

Additional Reminders

  • Students who fail the developmental course's Departmental Exit Exam may take the ACCUPLACER after grades are posted. If they meet the college credit cutoff score, they may enter the college credit course.
  • Students who fail or earn a "D" in the last developmental course do not need to retake the course if they meet the ACCUPLACER cutoff score for the college credit course. However, the "D" does not qualify for grade forgiveness by taking the ACCUPLACER. Students must repeat the course and achieve a "C" or higher to receive grade forgiveness for the "D." However, a grade of "D" in a developmental course does not count in the college credit GPA.
  • Students may not retake the ACCUPLACER for a developmental course in which they are currently enrolled unless during the add/drop period. Otherwise, they must first withdraw from the course (within the advertised withdrawal period) or wait until grades are posted.
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) students must pass courses with a "C" to progress to the next higher level. EAP students who fail exit exams must repeat courses to earn a "C" in all required EAP courses before entering ENC 1101 or other courses with ENC 1101 as pre- or co-requisite.
  • College developmental courses which have a first digit of zero (0) do not count toward a degree. However, these courses count toward eligibility for VA benefits for non-exempt students only, financial aid and intercollegiate athletics.